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March 4, 2013

Bottleneck Galleries Presents - Get A Room: An Art Exhibition Celebrating The Greatest Couples Of Pop Culture History

The gang over at Bottleneck Galleries keeps on knocking their art show choices completely out of the park. Hot on the heels of their Gadgets & Gizmos, Alternate Endings, and Gangs All Here art shows (which we covered here, here, and here) the Brooklyn based gallery has brought us Get A Room. The show highlights all of the most celebrated couples of pop culture history and pays homage to the love they share in their relationships. These pieces are fantastic as usual, but what has to be the highlight of the show is the absolute insane amount of mediums that these pieces were created in. You have everything from sculptures  to digital manipulation, to actual hand drawn pieces... the show runs the gamut of artistic styles. There is something for everybody here, and as usual the subjects of the pieces are very deftly chosen and executed in a witty styling. No basic two characters loving each other here... these pieces have a certain something to make them unique. As usual, you can order prints at Bottleneck's website by clicking here, and the show is going on for a few more days (it ends this Friday, March 8th). So if you live in NYC, get over to Bottleneck this week and tell 'em CCD sent ya! Also, after the jump you find my personal faves of the bunch. Great to have a gallery doing things like this in NYC. Looking forward to more greatness from you guys in the future...

Hatefrost by Boris K

C'est La Vie by Andres Lozano

Leon & Matilda by Bruce Yan

Made For Each Other by Mike Bilz

Let Me Clean you Up by Marie Bergernon
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