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March 15, 2013

The Popular Face of NY: An Art Exhibit by Raid 71 @ Bottleneck Galleries NYC

Bottleneck Galleries is at it again, and to be honest with you this may be the most fitting show they have done so far. You see, Bottleneck is located right here in my current hometown of Brooklyn, NYC... and, well lets face it, they are one of the only galleries here in NY that are focusing on pop cultured themed art shows. So when I saw that the subject of their most current show from artists Raid 71 (who was featured here on CCD a few months back... yeah buddy!) was 'The Popular Face of NY', I had to smile a bit. What better place to highlight a bunch of NYC themed art then right in the heart of Brooklyn? It is a perfect fit.... and I am loving what I have seen from the previews over at the Bottleneck Blog. They have some excellent step by step photos over their that show how these magnificent pieces come together, so get over there to check out some of the behind the scenes work on how these pieces of art come together. The show premieres tonight at 7:00 pm (I am definitely going tonight!!!) and runs for two weeks until March 29th, so if you live in the area make sure you get out there and support this local gallery in bringing pop culture art to NYC. You can click on the shop page starting March 16th at noon to buy some of the prints if you can't make it out there in person. I recommend getting on there early, cause these prints are sure to go quick as hell. Check out some of my faves after the jump...


Ghostbusters Variant

Q the Winged Serpent- One of my personal favorite monster movies ever!

King Kong

Watchmen Octpus


Godzilla Variant

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