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February 27, 2013

Everything You Ever Need To Know About The 'Die Hard' Franchise Of Movies

Like it or not, John McClane just won't go away. 25 years ago Bruce Willis brought the tough as nails cop turned hero to the big screen and we have seen 4 incarnations of him along the way. As we are in the midst of the 5th release in the film series, Collider decided to team up with 20th Century Fox to create a infographic poster each of the films in the series, detailing all the great stuff that McClane does from soup to nuts. The kill counts, the bad guys, the amazing physical feats and activities that Bruce Willis performs throughout the series... its all there. Before you take on the 5th installment of the movie, take a look down memory lane to remember just how sick of a franchise it is based on. Enjoy the posters after the jump....  

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