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February 20, 2013

Being Captain America Is Enough To Get The Girl Everytime

This ad for Gucci Guilty (who should sent a brother some swag just for mentioning their product)employs the look of Sin City and that's no surprise as it was directed by Frank Miller, the creator and director of the iconic stories. Both the comic books and motion pictures were revelations to me at a time in my life when I was reading more adult graphic novels. I loved the movie and it seems to me that if Miller can line his pockets with a little commercial advertising cash then he could be working on a sequel film. Only let someone else handle the script. We learned from the Spirit that he needs a little help in that area. However, as a visual craftsman, he is top notch, honest. I like the combination of Frank Miller's groovy style with advertising. It works magic in short bursts.

Check out the video after the jump...

Even Rachel Wood is not someone I would have thought of as the femme fatale but there it is. Of course Chris Evans could work with any girl and make it all look cool.

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