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January 29, 2013

Updated Portraits by Fab Ciraolo

Fab Ciraolo has a very unique style to his art. It is batshit crazy... and that is what makes it so fantastic. Fab takes very familiar characters (some real life people, some fictional) and portrays them in a different light. A light that may not be what you expect. When I think Beetlejuice I think a black and white striped suit. He Man, bearskin draws and his chest straps jump into my head. Marilyn Monroe is always in a puffy dress in my head. Mother Teresa is always in a habit... But not in the world of Fab Ciraolo. here, Frankenstien is a part animal club kid. Marilyn & Mother Teresa are hipster chicks with tats. Beetlejuice channels his inner James Dean. He-Man is an avid golfer. These are so great. There are tons of his works available for you to see on his website (click here and see it all!), and see some of my faves after the jump...

Thundercat... Hoes!!!!
ThunderPimps... HO!!!!!

Beetljuice Dean

Virgin Mary School Girl

Rocker Charlie Chap

Hipster Dali

Cool Ass Mama Teresa

Golfer Eternians

Dance Dance Marilyn

Lady Liz

Frankie Says Relax

Skinny Suit Skeletor

Rainbow Bright & Lala Orange... Scissor Sisters!!!


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