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January 29, 2013

Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film by Blue Core Studios

There are fan films... and then there are FAN FILMS! You know what i mean. A regular fan film will be 2-3 minutes in length and may feature a cool moment when you see flashes of brilliance from the person who put it together. But when dealing with a FAN FILM! you are automatically thrust into a uber realistic movie experience that is usually quite long in length and features outstanding effects and looks fucking great. There is a big difference. These are life changing, since you probably will never get a big budget version of these films. But since they are so good, you don't really need a studio version. Case in point: Blue Core Studios and their Sonic the Hedgehog fan film. 18 minutes long. A digital Sonic with wisecracks to spare. Killer action. robots. spaceships. This is fucking great. By far the best way to spend 20 minutes today (and if you have more time, watch their epic Mega Man video there as well). Enjoy the work after the jump... and try to not hearken back to the Sega Genesis days of your youth to hard while at your cubicle!!!!

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