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January 10, 2013

The Batman vs The Joker by Jim Lee

I follow a ton of people on Twitter (click here and follow us!), but recently I have become bored with the social media app. To many people are not really using the system for the purposes that it can be used for. But every once in a blue I see something great published by someone, and it restores my hope in the service. Jim Lee, artist extraordinaire  Dc Comics co-publisher, recently tweeted out a killer sketch of The Batman fighting his arch nemesis The Joker. It is captioned that it is a 'Christmas piece for a good cause' and I am pretty sure that lee did it himself, although since there is very little info on the post I can't be sure. I am also a huge sucker for black & white pieces, so there is that. I always liked the way Lee drew Batman, and it does seem to be in his style. Follow Lee on Twitter by clicking here. thanks for restoring the faith for me Jim! Enjoy the piece after the jump...

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