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January 10, 2013

Watch Every Episode Of 'Dinner for Five' On Youtube

When I started college at Manhattan College back in 2000 the dorms had a sill, antiquated TV programming system in place that was like an old school hotel room. We had around 10-15 cable channels. Albeit good ones, but still only 10-15. ESPN, MTV, VH1, BET, TBS, TNT, HBO, CINEMAX... those were just a few I remember off hand. All the stuff the average 18-22 year old would probably watch, yet lacking in the sense that there were literally 100's of channels available on basic cable back then. It was very limited. But then in 2001 MC decided to switch to more traditional basic cable, and after a year of watching only 10 channels I began to explore the other options now available to me. One of the coolest channels I stumbled upon was IFC, or Independent Film Channel. And one of the coolest shows happened to be Dinner For Five, hosted by Jon Favreau. It was basically a group of film related people (actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc) gathering to eat an extensive homecooked meal and discuss stories about their careers. Jon moderated the show and remained the constant among an ever changing cast. There are over 49 episodes available, and now they can all be viewed on Youtube for free. They are around 27 minutes a piece and are an absolute joy to watch, and it is funny to see some of the guests who were mildly popular back in 2001-2005 and have gone on to become mega stars now. It is a great way to kill a few hours in front of the computer, and a celebration of great basic cable original programming in a time when basic cable original program is plentiful but usually very shallow. Click here to go to the Dinner For Five Youtube page (49 episodes plus tons of extras), and click after the jump to see the first episode that features Kevin James, Joey Lauren Adams, Peter Berg, and Jeanne Tripplehorn....

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