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November 13, 2012

CCD Links It Up - Vol #10

It has been a while since I checked in with you guys and hit you off with some cool links to help you waste the days away at that shitty job you hate so much. Or maybe you love your job but just love you some cool ass links. Either way, you got some good stuff coming your way. You can check out the original script for Prometheus (It was a fucking prequel in every sense of the word prequel Jeff... hahaha Fletch). We got some Gangnam Style Ghostbusting, a cool ass story about Eli Roth teaching unsuspecting villagers about film with one of the most controversial cannibal movies of all time, and a look back at Sarah Wayne Calles when she was an Obscure Hot Chick of the day here on CCD (way before Prison Break finished and The Walking Dead started). It's all here folks. Enjoy after the jump...

1) Here is an interesting link to the original script that was greenlit for Prometheus by Jon Spaihts. This is what the basis of the movie that Damon Lindeloff re-wrote. This OFFICIALLY confirms what I have been saying all along to Jeff Bond that this was never intended to be anything other than a straight up prequel to the Alien franchise. No debate, no maybe but not really... IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE A FUCKING PREQUEL!!!!! there, I'm all better now...

2) It will be hard to top the Gangnman Style/Big Trouble In Little China mashup that I posted last week, but this Gangnam Style/Ghostbusters mashup is fucking fantastic. Ray Parker Jr and PSY... yeah buddy!!!

3)  Eli Roth is making a cannibal movie entitled The Green Inferno that he is promising will hearken back to the good ole days of cannibal movie like 'Cannibal Holocaust' by Ruggero Deadato. In doing so he needed to find a location to shoot where the people were sheltered and not exposed to movies and the movie making promise. He got that in a small village near the Amazon. These people never seen a film before... so he decided to break them in with Cannibal Holocaust as opposed to something a bit softer. The results are... well, read for yourself!

4) Sarah Wayne Callies has given some memorable performances in her past, from Dr. Tracentti on Prison Break to Lori on the Walking Dead. We take a look back to July 2010 when she was our obscure Hot Chick of the Day, way before zombie babies and the such... We knew she had it in her!!!

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  1. Always meant to be...until it didn't wind up being.

    Patiently awaiting 'Prometheus 2: Eden' ...the sequel