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November 20, 2012

80s Movies/Video Game Mashups by Joshua Gilbert

I love me some mash-ups, especially if they involve some of my favorite 80's movies. Artist Joshua Gilbert has plenty of talent for making some killer movie posters (he has some great stuff for sale on Etsy by clicking here), but he knocked out two mash-ups that take the cake. How about a Labyrinth/Pac-Man mash-up that features and awesome grid like board with Jareth holding the baby Toby hostage in the middle. Think that is the coolest it could get? How about Dark Crystal Donkey Kong? Skeksi Kong... are you fucking kidding me? These are two fantastic pieces that need to be shared with my fellow 80s babies. Check out more of Gilbert's art over at his Deviant Art page, buy some of his work on Etsy, and you can check out the Labyrinth and Dark Crystal pieces after the jump...

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