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November 20, 2012

'Beautiful Creatures' Sure Looks Good...

'Beautiful Creatures' is the newest entry to try and grab a piece of the Young Adult market that is about to be left with the end of the Twilight franchise. Creatures is the first part of a proposed four book series called 'The Caster Chronicles' (three have been published so far) and is the story of the Ravenswood family. They are witches, or casters, and the youngest member of the clan (Lena) is about to reach a milestone in her life. At age 16 a caster is chosen to either joining the forces of light or dark, forever determining the type of existence they will have. Lena padre is played by Jeremy Irons, who appears to be a proponent of the light. Mom dukes is played by Emma Thompson and seems to be one of the most powerful dark casters in the world. Both obviously want Lena to join their side, and will stop at nothing to get her to go their particular route. You also have the typical teen love story thrown in, and a very beautiful Emmy Rossum as cousin Ridley (who seems to be a bit of a bad ass), and some wonderful looking special effects. With a cast like this (irons, Thompson and Viola Davis? In a YA movie... killer!) we may be looking at the heir to the Twilight/Harry Potter YA crown. At least The Hunger Games & Mortal Instrument movies will have a challenger for the next few years. Check out the new extended trailer after the jump. the movie comes out in February. I'm in... how about you?

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