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November 20, 2012

Now That Is How You Close Out A Show... Stop: Hammer Time!!!

Hol-y shit. I am not a fan of music award shows, but every once in a blue you get live music magic with some killer performances. The other night the American Music Awards knocked it out of the park with their show closing number. They brought out PSY to perform 'Gangnam Style', and first off let me say that I don't even mind this commercial fluff song in the least. This is probably the most fun and least annoying huge commercial hit ever... it just makes you want to dance. So how could PSY make his AMA performance as memorable as possible? How about bringing out one of the greatest dancers in entertainment history, MC Hammer? Yup, that will certainly do it.  It is good to see Hammer still got some moves, and props to PSY for bringing out a pioneer that has clearly influenced him as a dancer himself. Dope stuff... enjoy the clip after the jump...

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