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October 10, 2012

Tuesdays From The Collection Of Cool - Part Deux

From now on I will be posting articles about toys and toy collecting over here at Cultural Compulsion Disorder. (CCD). I can't thank my 'New York Connection' at the CCD enough for the opportunity to expand my balloon juice to a wider audience. Plus I NEED my NYC friends in case I ever make that vision quest to The Big Apple.

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From this Doctor Strange I managed to rebuild a decent action figure collection - one nowhere near the great one I had as a child but good enough to soothe my pain and for me that is enough. I currently have around 1000 individual pieces so I do know a lot about the hobby. So thank you Animated Spider-man for giving us a plethora of characters and thank you Dr. Strange for giving me something else to obsess over.

What figure started you collecting or why do you collect what you do?? Which figures are on your Holy Grail List.  Answer me here or at CCD.

This is one of mine. I usually hate ventriloquist dummies but I love this toy a lot. I would have spent horse disguising myself with Hugo's kit of disguise pieces.

What else don't I have? That is often as important as what I do have. David told me that it was all about the hunt and that is very true. You all know my adventures with EBay and my search for the elusive Oscar Goldman. I am always on the lookout for the following...

The Great Garloo. THE GREAT GARLOO! 'nuff said.

Any of these Classic GI Joe Figures from their Adventure Team division. Where else are you gonna get a cave man, a cyborg and whatever this human bullet guy is?

I would like the complete set of these Doctor Who figures so I can replay the Amy Pond years over and over again. Sometimes when she gets yappy, I know I want to lock Amy in a box and now I can.

I have all the toys from 'The Shadow' film EXCEPT this Thunder Cab. It was the first time I was ever poached on the EBay so not having the vehicle just irks me. The Universe took it away from me once so I am owe a chance to have it come around again. This one is personal.

I had this GI Joe helicopter and it was perfect for all kinds of hero missions around the house. My Mego Spider-Man loved hanging off it the most. More than my share of bad guys have been sliced by it's blades in an explosive crash into the couch pillows.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of my favorite concepts and I love the design of Jack Tenrec's Cadillac the most. I am starting to search for all the figures too.

Oscar, oh Oscar. You can never hide from me forever.

Big Jim was a very popular line around my house. He had so many great real life rescue sets. I had many of their vehicles too. I totally missed out on the P.A.C.K. however. Look at that goofy team and all the cool accessories that are included. These are ridiculously difficult to find complete in package.

Come back tomorrow for my post on ROM, SPACE KNIGHT.

So head over to the CCD all this week to read about the toys that got away.

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