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October 10, 2012

CCD Links It Up Vol #9

Whether you are sitting at work today during this rainy day in Gotham or are somewhere else around the globe, you need something to read. What better than CCD Links It Up? You know I got you guys.... click after the jump for today's set of fantastic stories to pass the day...

1) /Film has news that Disney has just stepped their game up even more by creating an actual '.edu' website for it's fictional 'Monster's University'... this is insane because '.edu' URLs are usually saved for real educational institutions, and this site sure does paint the picture of a real school.... except for all the monsters walking around.

2) So it seems like the short list for Ms. Marvel in the upcoming crop of Marvel Movies (Guardians of the Galaxy, Cap 2, Thor 2, Avengers 2) is down to two choices.... Ruth Wilson or Emily Blunt. While most people know who Blunt is (God damn she is sexy as hell), not everyone knows Wilson (who was fucking fantastic in the BBC series Luther). I am rooting for Wilson....

3) Nerd up your eyewear selection with the new series of Star Wars themed glasses. 5 characters are tapped for thsi first series, and in my opinion Boba Fett takes the cake as the best character design!

4) Stephanie Tejada is fucking fantastically sexy... don't take my word for it, just check out her sick gallery of hotness over at BeerMug Sports...

5) Bottleneck Galleries in Brooklyn is hosting a zombie themed art show right now thru October 28th. The show sounds awesome and this is the perfect time of year to host such an event, so I know I will be heading over there... how about you? 

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  1. Ruth Wilson is so wrong for Ms Marvel. Now have her play DEATH next to Thanos and that will really be some great casting. She could switch between Ruth Wilson bitch face and the Death Skull face.