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October 17, 2012

The I LUG NY Lego Display From the 2012 NY Comic Con Will Blow Your Mind....

When Tommy, Joe Fletch and I stumbled upon the autograph hall in the basement of the Javitz Center on Day #1 of Comic Con, we found a pleasant surprise. Nestled among the aisles set up to usher fans towards their pop culture icons for autographs was an insane display of Lego's unlike anything I had ever seen. Now I have seen many of the life size 'Statues' made out of Lego on display at various Toys R Us stores and even at the Lego Booth on the main floor of the con (see our picture sets posts)... those are pretty cool! But those were nothing compared to the layout put forth by I LUG NY. I Lug NY stands for Lego Users Group and these guys are no f'n joke... they set up a massive three sided display featuring recreations of tons of scenes from Pop Culture & comics. The attack on Mordor & The Shire from Lord of the Rings, The headquarters of  the Legion of Doom & the Hall of Justice from Super Friends, The clock tower from Back to the Future, The portal from The Avengers, The X Mansion (complete with Blackbird coming out of the Basketball court), The Tardis floating about, The Death Star Trench scene & Hoth from Star War... the display was downright amazing. Click after the jump for detailed photos and a cool video shot by Joe Fletch that does this impressive display little justice due to how awesome it really was....

You can follow all the activities of I LUG NY by clicking here to visit their website. They have an upcoming museum display in Connecticut coming up next month and we will be visiting, so check back to stay on top of everything LUG NY!!!!  

First up, check out this cool ass video of the whole display shot and edited by my main man Joe Fletch. The X-Men animated series music is very fitting!!!!

Spaceballs... "We ain't found shit!!!"


  1. Really cool stuff... and nice guys, too!

  2. HOLY CRAP that is cool. That Justice League Headquarters is my favorite part I think.

  3. Hey, thanks for covering our display, and linking back to our site.
    We're glad you enjoyed it - that's why we do what we do.
    It was a blast to put be a part of NYCC this year, and we're hoping to be invited back for 2013!

  4. Sweet coverage of our booth! Thanks for covering it. The photos kick but.

    See you in Stamford next month. When you have definite plans for attending let us know so those of us who are at the display can meet with you.