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October 17, 2012

2012 NY Comic Con - Day #3 In Pictures

Day #3 was an unreal adventure for us on the CCD team. We lost Tommy from the group (he had a family party to attend), but gained Lock & Jeff to the team... which meant more photo ops, more things seen, and more pictures taken!!! Cosplay dominates this group as well, with some really fantastic stuff on display. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!!!! Enjoy the pics after the jump....

Cobra Commander

Enzo from Assassins Creed  surveying the crowd in Artist's Alley


Black Canary, Mister Miracle, Dr. Fate & booster Gold!!!!

Card Board Iron Man

Killer Gambit

Lord Von Doom

The Doctor with his very own Tardis

The Dark Knight (literally) & TDK Strikes Again Robin

Poison Ivy

Nega Scott & Ramona


Sand Worm from Beetleguise

Very sexy Cammy

Steampunk Hawk Man & Hawk Girl

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Snake Eyes & The Baroness

Darth Vader without the mask!!!!

Bounty Hunters

Jeff... I am your FATHER!!!!!

Predator with a pimp cane!!!!

Sexy angel (Not sure who this supposed to be???)

Scarlet Spider


Killer Street Fighter group shot!!!!

Officer Rick Grimes

Mr. T with a Bazooka armed with a Stark Industries Warhead!!!!

The Childlike Empress, Falkor, Atreyu & The Nothing from The Neverending Story

Side view of three person Falkor

Baron Zemo

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze side view (so bad ass)

Daenerys after the fire... with DRAGONS!!!!

Tony Stark and Iron Hottie

Lady Sif

Aang, the Last Airbender

Grevious... General Grevious!!!

The Enchantress & Multiple Loki's

Hottest Wonder Women EVER!!!!!

Adventure Time & Baby Deadpool!!!!

Magneto, Mystique & Rogue

T'challa, The Black Panther

Sexiest Catwoman at the Con & Night Wing

Cyclops... with light up visor!!!!

Colonial marines from Alien... with Pulse Rifles!!!

Residents of the Mushroom Kingdom

Ghostbuster & Gozer the Gozerian

Ace Ventura

PSY... Rock Them Gangnam Style!!!!!

Disney Princess's Throwing up the ROC (heheheh)

Unbelievable King Hippo

Sub Zero

Wonderful Mystique (I wonder if the carpet matches the

Green lantern with Torch!

Another great Gambit

This is not a statue... a killer Weaping Angel from Doctor Who

Colossus with Jimmy Kimmel hair (greta costume, but the hair is JK exact!)

Ivy & Freeze

Squirrel Girl... are you kidding me!!!!

Moon Knight

Black Cat & The Lizard... sans an arm!!!!


Bats, Cats & a Night Wing... Oh MY!!!!

Best Ghostbusters Cosplay.. ever!!!!


I'm Batman!!!!

Lock, Chewy, Mike D & Jeff... CCD x Star Wars Connect!!!!

Your Princess is in another castle!!!!

Mortal... KOMBAT!!!!

Chicken Boba Fett from Family Guy Star Wars, Black Cat & Lady Deathstrike

Resident Evil Nurses

Lock wants some treatment!!!!

He-Man & She Ra... Masters of the Universe!!!!

Kingpin... so F'n fantastic!!!!

Proto Man

Calendar Man... so great!!!!

Comic Book Bane!!!!

Lollipop Chainsaw

Black Adam

Barf... he is a MOG, half man, half dog!!!!!

Wild West Boba Fett & female Rosharch

Sexy Mario


Bikini Angel

Duck Hunt Dress Up!!!!

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  1. i almost stopped cause you share so much... then bikini angel.