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October 25, 2012

CCD links It Up - All Horror Week Edition

Since it is All Horror Week over here at CCD, you can only imagine that there are a ton of other sites running similar spooky themed posts all over the Internet. Not all of them deserve the full on individual post coverage, so you can click on some of the links below to see them at their original locations. Happy haunting...

1) A great list of the 23 oddest & strangest monsters in movie history. This is a great list... and upon further review, they have a Part 2 !!! You can view part 1 of the list here and part 2 by clicking here.

2) How to Zombie Proof your house: An infographic to help you get your house in a state that will not leave you exposed to simple threats during the Zombie Apocalypse. Now all you gotta do is keep your kids inside the house. You hear that Carl.... get in the damn HOUSE!!!!

3) 21 sexy costume choice for ladies this Halloween. I have seen sexy Freddy Kruger & secy Super Mario, but a sexy Alice from the Brady Bunch or Lorax? I don't know....

4) And while we are the topic of Halloween Costumes, why not take a look back at 150 of the best celebrity Halloween costumes over the past few years. There are some killers in here, especially anything Kim Kardashian squeezes into, heidi Klum & Seal (they are on this list damn near 20 times) or Kate Upton making any costume look sexy!!!

Are you kidding me?

5) The Monster Mash may be the most famous Halloween song of all time, but its kinda lame after 50+ years. here is a cool list of 10 harder rocking Halloween songs for you to put in rotation at your Halloween party. The Misfits FTW!!!!!

6) Ever heard a story about someone having Halloween decorations taken from the front of their house? Usually they do not end happy... but this one end up pretty cool for my boy Johnny from Freddy In Space. 

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