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October 24, 2012

CCD All Horror Week Is Back!!!!!!!!

I have been a huge horror fan since I was a kid. I have never hid that fact. When I was kicking around the idea of what I wanted this blog to be, I originally thought about doing a horror only type blog (good thing I didn't, because Johnny from Freddy In Space does it way better than I ever could!). I decided to make CCD more eclectic... but for one week every year we transformer into a horror blog for All Horror Week! I take the seven days leading up to Halloween and share ONLY things that are horror related, and this year we have some goodies for you and yours. We got a new banner (see above) from our main man Lockheed Lee. We got 6 BRAND NEW pieces of art specifically created for the 2012 All Horror Week celebration by our resident artist Tommy Lombardozzi. We are getting our very own unique piece of art made by the one and only Sean Hartter to premier on Halloween Day (Yeah Buddy... CCD EXCLUSIVE!). We even got some more 2012 NY Comic Con coverage that is more geared towards the horror community! Plus much of more of my favorite horror themed posts... so stay tuned all week (Oct. 24th-Oct 31st) for all the horror goodness you can handle!!!!

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