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September 28, 2012

OHC of the Day: Jenna-Louise Coleman

If one wanted to become an It-Girl in the entertainment world right now then the best thing to do is get your geek cred up. Get in a super hero movie, on a sci fi themed show, or something like that. For todays Obscure Hot Chick of the Day Jenna-Louise Coleman the answer was simple: How about doing both!!! Jenna was seen in a small part in last years Avengers lead up Captain America: The First Avenger (she was Bucky's date in the beginning scene at The World Fair) and is all set to begin the role as the good Doctors newest companion Oswin Oswald on the Seventh Season of Doctor Who. She has big shoes to fill when it comes to being the Doctors companion... Amy Pond & Rose Tyler (Karen Gilliam & Billie Piper in real life) were both iconic sci fi TV women characters, and they were quite sexy as well. I think Coleman can do both, especially the sexy part. Those eyes... wow, those are the eyes of a star. Due to the crossover popularity of Doctor Who in both England & America I am sure that when her run on the show is over she will move on to bigger and better things... for now, the adventures traveling time & space await. Not bad for the chick who dates Robb Stark (Richard Madden) in real life. Now if she could only steer him away from The Twins and that damn wedding (wink, wink for all you Game of Thrones readers out there). check out the pics after the jump...


  1. Big fan of hers. She was also in the recent Titanic Miniseries playing a chamber maid on the ship. Her romance with poor doomed Paulo broke my heart. She is the kind of girl I think of when I think 'British' and I think she is going to be terrific on Doctor Who.

  2. True to form, you guys always screw up at least 1 photo i you Obscure chick photo posts. Who's that last girl?! Surely not the same broad as the rest?!

  3. Grrrr... You seem to be right. But true to form, someone who is criticizing us also left the comments as Anonymous. Coincidence I guess... Thanks for the tip, will change that ASAP. But with 30+ pics, 1 wrong ain't too bad, right?

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