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September 28, 2012

Cool Down Your Drinks Super Hero Style With Marvel Ice Trays

Whenever I see products like this it reminds me of what my house would look like if I had infinite disposable income available to by nerd shit. My house would probably look a lot like Jon Lovitz's house in The Benchwarmers, when he grows up from nerd to millionaire and has an R2D2 butler and shit. That would probably be expensive, but here is a little piece of nerd houseware that anybody could probably afford. Marvel Comics themed Ice Trays!!!! For a mere 10.00 bucks or less on Amazon you can own either the Spider Man set or the set featuring The Thing, Hulk, Iron Man, and Cap. Either set is great, but I am leaning towards the multi hero one as better. Check out the pics after the jump...

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