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August 7, 2012

Shaun of Rage by Aled Lewis

I am getting super pumped up for the upcoming Crazy 4 Cult show here in NYC. The Gallery 1988 show opens this Thursday at the Gallery 1988 pop up shop and will run until September 1st. These shows always feature amazing mashup pieces from some of the greatest artists in the game and blow my mind consistently. The first piece I am featuring from the show (pieces are already starting to leak online) comes from Aled Lewis (one of the best doing it right now) and is a mashup of the side scrolling fighting game classic Streets of Rage with Edgar Wright's awesome zombie thriller Shaun of the Dead. I love seeing Shaun and Ed kicking zombie ass outside of the Winchester Pub. Sick piece from a sick collection. Can't wait to see the show opening night on Thursday!!!! Check out Lewis's piece after the jump...

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