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August 8, 2012

'Debating Kids With Zach & Will' - Funny or Die Strikes Again!!!!

I am eagerly on the edge of my seat awaiting 'The Campaign'. It is my sleeper summer hit, my 'Scott Pilgrim' of two years ago & my 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' from last year... movies that should be great, look great, but aren't hyped up as much as the big popcorn flicks of the summer. Getting a comedy featuring Zach Galifiianakis & Will Ferrell in which they are battling each other in a hotly contested political race? Yup... I am in. To promote the movie Will & Zach are acting completely like themselves and taking on children in a mock debate over at Funny or Die. Once again Funny or Die does not disappoint!!! This is a hysterical video that you need to watch if you like these two. The Campaign comes out August 10th. You can see the Funny or Die video after the jump...

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