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August 8, 2012

Moon Knight by Jason Reeves & Luis Guerrero

I am loving the work that is getting turned in over at the The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Reduxe Edition, a blog that is challenging artists to recreate classic profile pics of all of the Marvel Universe's characters. Artists have turned in over 150+ renditions of the heroes & villains, and all of them are quite unique in their own special way. But I came across one today that blew my mind since it was one of my favorite obscure characters done in a bad ass style that he deserves. Jason Reeves & Luis Guerrero turned in one hell of a Moon Knight, turning him into the bad ass hybrid ninja-esque character I certainly would love to see him as. I also love that they kept most of the iconic look of the character while adding little touches, like the Nolan Batman styled body armor and the crescent moon on the mask. Very well done. You can see the full project by clicking here and she the Moon Knight piece after the jump....

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