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August 20, 2012

CCD Links It Up Vol #2

Click after the jump to see more of whats happening around the Internet. These stories are all cool as hell in their own way, but couldn't make up a whole post here on CCD on their own. Enjoy....

1) The gang at Topless Robot picks out their Top 20 pieces of art from the Crazy 4 Cult NYC artshow. We attended the show and posted our pics here, but I like most of the selections that TR featured in their list and some of them are from the side of the gallery that we could not get to cause it was blocked off. I will be going back this Wednesday, so hopefully I will have some better pictures for you guys.

2) Great article over at /Film about a Stanley Kubrick Retrospective that is taking place out in LA. Just another reason why I hate my west coast peeps who get to enjoy wonderful events like these while we here in NYC get shut out. KMG, get over to this and check it out!!!!

3) My new go to site for hot chicks in very little clothing is Beer Mug Sports. This week I am currently entralled with their 'Mug Shots' of the stunning creature known as Sidoni Biermont. I don't know what her nationality is, but all I know is that Sidoni must mean 'Creature I want to ride for hours' in her native language!!!!

4)  Check out this 'Introduction to Judge Dredd' video from Yahoo to get you ready for the upcoming Dredd 3-D featuring Karl Urban. The article also features a ringing endorsement from the creator of the character itself, John Wagner, and he is as outspoken as they come. If it's good enough for him, it will probably be fine by me...

5) Shawn S. Lealos publishes a really cool article over at 411mania about who owns the film rights to which Marvel properties. It is very in depth and full of cool tidbits, but left me with only one question. Why the fuck is 411mania's website such a fucking mess, all disorganized and looking like shit? This is a site that has sponsorship from major chains like Kohl's, yet it features a shitty white backdrop and it's content is arranged like an absolute horror show. get your shit together 411mania...

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