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June 26, 2012

'The Prototype' - A New Film From The Bandito Brothers

The Bandito Brothers were responsible for one of the surprise action movie hits of last year, 'Act of Valor'. That movie featured real life Navy Seals as the actors, and because of that there was an extreme credibility & sincerity in the way it was executed. There next project is a very cool looking action flick called The Prototype, which features a human with robot elements that escapes his government handlers and is trying to evade capture. I love the look of the suit... it reminds me a lot of the 80's version of Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe. This is a teaser just meant to highlight the story and secure funding, so most (or all for that matter) of this footage wont even see the time of day. But this is definitely a great way to spend 3 and a half minutes... Thanks to Jedi rob for the assist!!! Video is embedded after the jump...

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