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June 26, 2012

Ya See, Spain Is Good For Something..... Check Out Kate Upton In Vogue Spain!!!

When you think of countries that are important in the world, Spain probably wouldn't crack the top ten of many people. Shit, honestly speaking, Spain wouldn't crack ANYBODIES top ten... Spain just kind of floats on by, and most people forget it even exists. But someone in the countries leadership must be sick and tired of playing the back seat, because they have done something that might change a bunch of peoples opinions on the countries importance. Kate Upton, swimsuit model extraordinaire, has graced the cover & posed for a full on photo shoot in Vogue Spain. She looks amazing in the pics (duh, and it seems like maybe they are capable of doing something of importance over there in the land of Espana. This is a good first step towards relevance for the country, and I have to admire their moxy. What better way to propel yourself to the top of the charts in terms of your countries popularity than to do so atop KU's gigantic breasts? Check out the full shoot (9 pics) after the jump....

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