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June 15, 2012

OHC of the Day: Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz is the prototypical OHC. For one, she is certainly obscure. Obscure means that you probably don't know her, but she is vaguely familiar to you because you have probably seen her somewhere before. She has appeared on mainstream shows such as Mad Men & Law and Order, as well as genre fare such as MTV's Death Valley. And she is definitely a Hot Chick. A super f'n hot chick. I love that she has freckles and that she doesn't always use makeup to cover them up. Plus she seems to be very comfortable in a wife beater and panties, sans a bra... which is always a plus!!!! She is such a prototypical California Girl in every sense of the word, with the legs that are never ending and the hair as blond as gold. When Jeff Bond sent me this suggestion, her name was familiar to me because I have been hearing some good things from her latest horror film called The Pact that will co-star Casper Van Dien. The film is getting meh reviews, but everyone is loving Caity's performance... and why wouldn't they? Lotz also has a ensemble film called Live At The Foxes Den (co starring Elliot Gould, Jackson Rathbone, and Pooch Hall) & a mysterious project called Planet B Boy with Lost's Josh Holloway (this one sounds interesting). Given her start as a back up dancer for Lady Gaga, I am sure she will hold her own alongside Sawyer himself. Enjoy the photos after the jump....

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