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June 1, 2012

Growing Up Heroes - A New Tumblr That Shows The Fun Side Of Dressing Up

I find a lot of cool sites in my travels of the Internet, but I am always a happy camper when one of my cohorts here at CCD stumbles upon something cool and passes it along. Jeff Bond sent me this fantastic Tumblr called 'Growing Up Heroes', a website that allows people to upload pictures of themselves dressed up as Superheroes. The pictures are from 1960-now and some of them bring back a ton of memories!!! I have been through countless pages so far, and I plan on submitting all of my son Mikey's Halloween photos shortly because he has been some killer heroes (The Thing, Cap, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Obi Wan... and he did all of those long before their respective movies came out... all by his choice!). Click here to see the rest of the cool gallery's & click after the jump to see my faves...

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