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February 9, 2012

Lindsay Lohan May Be Trashy, But Wow Do I Love Her Boobs!!!

Lindsay Lohan is probably in the midst of the most public unraveling of a celebrity in the history of pop culture. No one has fallen so far so fast in the public eye... and I can't stop watching!!! One thing that has remained in tact over the course of her drunken, drug addled lifestyle are her spectacular tits. These things are wonderous. They were the only interesting part of the Playboy spread she did a few months back, and they continue to play way more important roles than Lindsay in any recent pics she takes. If you need more proof, take a look at this impromptu photo shoot that broke out at the Chateau Marmont with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. There are like 20 pics (you can see the full gallery here), or you can just continue after the jump for the highlights.... which include the best shots of Lindsay's luscious boobs. She may be a crack head, but she does keep her boob game tight....

Thanks to the Superficial for the pics...

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