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February 8, 2012

The Death & Return Of Superman: A Short Film by Max Landis

Check out this very cool short film, The Death & Return of Superman by Max Landis. If the name sounds familiar, that is because Max is the son of famous film director John Landis. He is also a now successful screenwriter, ever since his newest script 'Chronicle' opened up at #1 in the box office this week. Anywho, here is Max's riff on the whole "Death of Superman" debacle by DC Comics, and its quite funny. He even has pals like Elijah Wood, Simon Pegg, and Ron Howard along for the ride. This is quite funny. Check it out after the jump...


  1. I lived through the Death and Return of Superman but never read the series. This video cleared it all up for me (in an absolutely hysterical way). So now all I have to say is forget DC. They suck. Except for Batman. Batman is cool.

  2. hahahhaha, superman has always been a boring character.

  3. I get two things from this video: 1) The son of a famous, successful director knows famous, successful actors, and 2) I don't ever want to see any featurettes that have him, nor do I want to watch any movies with him doing a commentary track.

    Seriously, this guy's fake, over-the-top, know-it-all act (which it seriously is, an act) is exactly the same theme that you see on The Escapist, That Guy With The Glasses, and Angry Video Game Nerd. Max Landis is tedious and just comes off as a real jerk when he's not writing.

    ...and how cheap, plugging his movie CHRONICLE in it. The best part is the story about his dad, John Landis (awesome director). I'd love to hear more of those.

    Also, has a nice response post to the video:

    Re-posted to have the link.