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January 26, 2012

'I'd Buy That...As a Tee!' Vol 30

Always on the look out for inspiring art... emblazoned across the chest of humanity. Here's some of the t-shirts I have my eye on to do just the trick but, there's only one problem....they aren't for sale yet! Please click the links below to the voting pages for each and give these beauties '5' ratings so I can throw 'em on my charge card one day.

**Please click READ MORE for tee-licious tees!**

'An Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age' your weapon wisely, Jedi!

It's been a while since I've seen 'Woody Woodpecker' and this design brought a smile to my beak. Ha-Ha Ha Ha- Ha! 

'Hello Doctor'...nerds rejoice! A Hello Kitty/Dr. Who mash-up!....with cuddly results.

I woulda rocked the crap outta 'Shoulder Holster'  when I was a little soldier in the 80's. I'd do it now...but definitely not at airports.

Love a good Asian-on-Asian scene...and 'Ultra Mario vs. Bowsilla' does just the trick.....with a Super Mario/Godzilla mash-up! Run for your Rives!

'Bearded Dragon' holds a sexual reference within it somewhere but I just can't put my sword on it at the moment. Great beard, though.

Never a slave to fashion, Jabba the Hutt is currently on a highly regimented workout trying to impress the latest palace slave-girl in 'Fashion Victim'

Disney theme park take note: I would SO ride.....'Hi-Tech Bumper Cars'! You own the GOT this!

'Everyone's Cooler When They're Dead' Truer words have never been spoken. Some of these guys couldn't catch a break from the general public before they was they living-dead and everybody on 'em. 

I love a good Disney piece and 'Mickey Mock' is no exception. Mickey's been skinned alive and left for living-dead in this, not-so kid friendly, cartoon homage.

My favorite this week is a little 8bit number called 'Pixel Heroes' . All your favorite super heroics are represented here it their more basic of forms....though you might need to click the link to Threadless to actually see them in all their glory.

'Til next time many-tee lovers! Remember tee vote!

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