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December 27, 2011

Artist Profile: Flaviano

We post a lot of artist's works from around the world. Many different countries have seen their work portrayed here on this site. To my knowledge, Flaviano is the first Italian artist to get some love here. Boy does he deserve it. Jeff sent me this tip about this guy and I was taken by his off kilter style and well thought out ideas for his re-imaginings of classic characters from the 80's. His "Masters of the Ghetto" series portrays some of the coolest characters from He-Man in distinctively different looks then how we are used to seeing them. The greats are all here (Beast Man, Mer Man, Skeletor, He Man, etc), but the highlights come from the obscure characters that Flaviano created (Roboto, Cyclone, and Tri Clops... yes please!!!). His next project is going to be based on the Transformers, so stay tuned. Click after the jump for some of my faves from his blog...


  1. Now those are terrific. Goofy but great. Now where is my animated series staring these characters? The episodes just write themselves.

  2. MerMan eating corn is BRILLIANT, considering that stupid corn-sword of his is somewhat of a legend itself!