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November 16, 2011

Wu-Tang Wednesday: Gab Gotcha - Humility

Well, today is Wednesday... so it must be time for Wu Tang!!!! It's our weekly celebration of everything Wu, so lets get it cracking. I have been patiently waiting to see what the next generation of Wu Tang would come to represent. Even though the old guard is still making music, eventually they are going to have to infuse some new blood into the mix. Enter Gab Gotcha, a Hispanic rapper that was signed by Rza to Wu Tang Records with an album ready to drop on Dec. 7th. In true independant/Wu Tang style, they went with an animated (cheaper to make) video for his lead single 'Humility'. The animation is kinda cool and the song has a hot beat, and the boy Gab spits fire on it. I am interested to hear what my fellow Wu heads have to say about this one (Joe, Fletch, anyone... please comment below!). Check out the full video after the jump...

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