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November 30, 2011

'I'd Buy That...As a Tee!' Vol 25

Always on the look out for inspiring art... emblazoned across the chest of humanity. Here's some of the t-shirts I have my eye on to do just the trick but, there's only one problem....they aren't for sale yet! Please click the links below to the voting pages for each and give these beauties '5' ratings so I can throw 'em on my charge card one day.

**Please click READ MORE below..for Mo' Tees...Mo' Tees....Mo' Tees!**

'Beard Season' ...well...because it is! ...and Because it reminds me...of ME!

'Hero Time' "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this...flux capacitor!" Legend of Zelda 8-bit/Back to the Future link-
up?....Yes, please!

Star Wars/Super Mario mash-ups can never lose the race with me. And 'Banana Trap' is just that.

'Never Forget These Groceries' rekindles thought of one of my favorite Sesame Street skits.....  "Loaf of bread....container of milk....stick of butter..........loaf of bread....a container of milk.....and a stick of butter!" I was repeating that around the house for years after I first saw it!

'All Hands On Deck' reminded me of my brother, Cal from the frozen north's Canadian Cave of Cool. I like to think this is his dreaded enemy attacking one of the cave's many secret entrances...a secluded beach lighthouse. Good luck with all of THAT, buddy!

I'm pretty sure 'Diggin Anatomy' includes my favorite little (quite possibly dead) black boy from the the downloadable game 'Limbo'. If so...I heart this design. It's a push and shove in the winning direction.

Just caught 'Immortals' in theaters and this mythologically inspired t-shirt design, 'Ancient Matador', is probably based as much in the original Greek tale as the film is. Both are a bunch of bull...both are kick-ass, though!

I should have known that Jesus was a Trekkie. 'Peace & Love Earthlings' is the blasphemous design that phasers-in the truth.

Winnie Smalls does Biggie justice in this Disney/Rap inspired design...'Mo Honey Mo Problems'. He's got 99 problems and poor stitch-ing's one! (See what I did there, Mike?)

'Campfire' has some behemoths slow-roasting the Ghostbuster baddie by an open city fire. I like to think those 2 are the characters from the iconic video game 'Rampage'...and than that leads me to envision a playable Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man for said classic game. This could be this week's top design! in is!

Til next time tee-ny boppers!