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October 28, 2011

Halloween Just got Fuzzier...And Sweatier

Every now and then it seems like the universe takes a little peak inside your brain and puts a little something together just for you. Halloween is my favorite night of the year, and anything associated with it I am a total mark for. When I heard that this little tri-fecta of pop-meta-goodness was happening I literally did a double take into the camera that I am convinced is looking at me at all times... click after the jump for more!

Sooooo. Monday Night on HALLOWEEN...ok that's pretty cool...but it is guest starring The Muppets?...Wrestling, Halloween and the MOTHERFUCKING MUPPETS!!??

Rigoddamndiculous. I don't even really believe it. Next thing you're going to try to tell me is that there's a new Muppet movie coming out on my birthday, and that there's a new trailer for it that spoofs 'Paranormal Activity' and whole bunch of other trailers as well as itself.

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  1. I CANNOT wait for this film release. What an interesting viral trailer onslaught this year has been in Muppet movie advertising.

    'This is relevant to my interests' haha

    You always include the perfect photos with these articles that completely remind me of things you might be saying and doing when hearing and writing about this stuff.