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October 28, 2011

Artin' It Up: All Horror Week Edition pt. III by Tommy Lombardozzi

Hello hello, everyone! I hope you've been enjoying the All-Horror Week here at C.C.D. I think it's pretty fun!

Anyway, as planned, I am back with some art to share with you. Unfortunately, due to some time restraints due to other obligations (ahem... court dates), I cannot bring you all-new stuff today. Instead, I will be sharing with you four spooky TL drawings from times past! These few pieces of pure creeposity span many years... let's get to 'em, shall we? Yes yes... click after the jump for the pics.

 This first one is called "DEMON"

I did this in 1996. It is a pen marker drawing. I'm not sure what inspired this, but I remember I did a few of these style demon drawings during that time. This one was the best.

Let's jump 11 years later to "SKELETON SKETCH".

My friend Joe had asked me to do a drawing of skeletons for a film project he was working on. I did a fairly realistic drawing of a hummingbird nipping from the eye socket of a human skull, and, I did this. This one I liked a lot. It is simple, bold, and effective. Skeletons are fun! It's paint marker with digital coloring (blood red! Bwaaahahahaha!!!)

Next up is the Prince of Darkness himself... Beelzebub!... aka "SATAN"!

This is another paint marker drawing with digital colors. This is sort of a comedic take on the fallen angel. I did it with no prior sketching or concept. I just drew it and liked it. I tried to give him that classic Devil face and goat-legs design. I think I pulled it off.

And last but not least, we have "BOO".

When I used to have a nice office job (nice?!), I'd have some downtime between projects. During these lulls in productivity, I'd try and do some creative stuff; write, draw, dick around on the Internet... y'know, stuff worthy of my employers' payments to me. This piece is one of those drawings. It's Sharpie marker and ball point pen... which I then scanned in and colored digitally with Photoshop (I downloaded an unregistered version of PS at my work computer! Heh heh heh. Hours of fun!) I did this in October of 2009. ENJOY!

And that's it for now, kiddies. Keep checking back for more fun shit!

Smile up!

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