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May 5, 2011

'I'd Buy That...As A Tee' Volume 8

Spring has sprung and I could use a few new unique t-shirts to really make a statement without saying a word. A statement like "I'm a geek that doesn't take much of anything seriously...I'm approachable and easily abused."

Here's some of the t-shirts I have my eye on to do just the trick but, there's only one problem....they aren't for sale yet! Please click the links below to the (my favoritest and most user friendly t-shirt contribution site) voting pages for each and give these beauties '5' ratings so I can throw 'em on my charge card one day.

'Full Coverage' has got the exclusive photos and the military back-up to prove it!

Who else but, 'Da Vinci' could have created such a exquisite piece of ammunition as the Bob-omb! You'll never look at one the same while playing Super Mario Bros. after seeing all of its inner intricacies -POW!-

***Please click Read more below for more Tshirt previews from Jeff Bond***

If you're out hunting and come across this arbol, better just to say 'Nice Tree' and back away! Eep, what a mess!

'Pixelized' gives me a brain aneurysm...but, I love it! It's give my friends that classic 8-bit look

'Little Foot' proves the 'Big Foot' myth's just a little guy with big aspirations making those footprints out in the woods.

'Born Funky' reminds me of the Notorious B.I.G album 'Ready to Die' a bit. Either way....very funky indeed!

'Frequency Spectrum in Space' ..ummm fully operational Death Star...need I say more?

'Back to 1985' gives me what I want...great 80's cinema with a 80's flair! Back in 1985 needed roads, though. Similar to now...yep...still need roads.

Finally, 'Been There' brings together 2 of my favorites in this mash-up that defies time and space...'Back to the Future' and 'Indiana Jones' of course! Not only is this one's also for sale already. No need to vote ot in...just snatch it up!