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March 21, 2011

Danielle Harris Makes Me Wish It Was Halloween All Year Round

One of our favorite actresses over here at CCD is Scream Queen, Danielle Harris. She reps from Howard Beach, Queens (my hometown), has been tearing up the horror movie scene for over 20 years, and is unbelievably freakin' hot. When I got a shot to meet her a few months back when she was promoting 'Hatchet 2' (which was awesome... make sure you check it!) I was happy to see just how nice she was. If you think she is smoking hot, you will be happy to know she is extremely humble and cool as shit. She even signed a bunch of posters for us to give away here (which we did) and over at my boy Johnny's horror blog Freddy In Space.

But the reason we are here on this post is to share the beautiful Ms. Harris and her recent photo shoot for IGN. This is, no doubt, in preparation for the recent DVD/Blu Ray release of 'Hatchet 2' and upcoming 'Stake land' (which was great as well) and also her upcoming thriller 'The Victim' directed by Michael Biehn. Whatever the reason, we are happy to have these shots of our favorite scary girl. Looking good DH... wanna grab a slice of 'New Park' next time your in NYC? Get at me... anytime!!!!


Check out this behind the scenes video. Thanks IGN.


  1. I'm in love. Marvelous pics.

    Concerning HATCHET, I wasn't exactly a huge fan of the original, so what are the chances I'll like the follow up? I've heard good and great things about II, so my interest is definitely in the high zone.

  2. She is delicious. You have great taste.

  3. She was fine in Hatchet 2, but overall I didn't think it was as good as the first one. It was fun and all, but not as cool and slick.

    She is very cool of course, and I'm happy to see her getting some work.

  4. I liked Hatchet 2 better then 1, but its a totally different movie. A better cast (not to disparage the 1st cast!) and the hotness that is Danielle Harris!!!