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February 16, 2011

Check Out Some Pics From Our Screening Of 'A Clockwork Orange' @ The Wicked Monk on 2/13/2011

Wow, our first "Movie & Music" night @ The Wicked Monk went well. We had such a great time... the drinks were flowing, the artwork was amazing, the costumes were phenomenal, and movie... well, the movie speaks for itself. Shout outs to my event partners Papa James & Bianca Papas.... you guys are the best! Thanks to raffle prize contributors Jeff Bond, Tommy Lombardozzi, Anthony Piccone, Mike Monge, and Joe Panther for donating the many cool 'A Clockwork Orange' items for our friends and colleagues to win. Shout out to Daniel & Maria for pouring them drinks... and shout out to all of you guys who came through and showed support. Enjoy the pics!!!

Thats us up on the board!!!

Jeff Bond & Tara

Raffle Prizes!!!

Mike D & Tommy Lombardozzi celebrate an Art Sale!!! 

Mike D & Jeff Bond... The CCD BOYS!!!!

The Mighty Trio: Papa James, Bianca Papas, and Mike D

Mike D Loves Stixfigure.... La La Land Baby!!!

Keep My Fitted Down Low....


  1. I just lost my great comment. Stupid computer.

    Anyways, those pictures look great. I wish I was there but the military industrial complex won't rush teleportation technology. We all know how the rocket pack development is going.

    At this point I would even make friends with a teleporting mutant despite the smell.

    JB - that beard of yours is a work of art. How do you tame those wild hairs? I just have to let it all hang out.

  2. @Kal....It's a labor of love, my man. Maybe too much time spent with a blow dryer.

  3. YEAHHHHH DOGGGY!!!! Hat looks good on ya brother...Might have to make you a model. ;)

  4. I'm in... but I will settle for the pic up on!!!