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January 7, 2011

LIke! Like? Volume #6 by Jeff Bond

First up, over at Flickr Billy dba 'Silvas Project' has got some incredible Star Wars artistry mixing photography and computer generated trickery with these creepy lords of the Sith!

Kid Vader 
Kid Vader WGR

Click 'READ MORE' below for more art!

Dark Lord

Dark Lord WST

Dark Lord WSAT

Artist and  DeviantArt contributor Paul Sizer combines two of Mr. Mike D's favorites, Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange' and RDJ's all of our pleasure!

You might recall this first work of art by Andy Pitts or 1948 Time Machine making the rounds....but, the second and newer one is even better!

E-Mann (comic artist Emilio Lopez) has quite a few splendid works of comic art over at his DeviantArt page. I grabbed a few that I loved. Hit the jump and check out all his work, though it's all great!

Adult Fuel to the Fire Blog has this original Star Wars/Zombie commissioned mash-up for your viewing pleasure. Most Impressive!

Murray Mullet has this neat crossover for sale on various mediums 
Thing 1..Thing 2....and now.....Thing 3!

3 Things

Over at MySoti there's this wonderful mash-up of Star Wars and Striptease

Stormtrooper Burlesque

Winter has this neat T-shirt design over at A animated work that blends early 1900's cartoon  art with Horror of the 80's

Horror Toon 2

Over at the Inside Your Head tumblr, I caught this magical little version of Buzz Lightyear that got mashed-up with Disney's new poster child 'Tron'...which resulted in 'Buzz Lightron'!

Buzz Lightron

Found this version of 'Thundercats' Panthro over at Love 80's Cartoons tumblr. I might be wrong, but, I don;t recall him looking like this in any episodes of the cartoon shows. Maybe from a comic? Or maybe it's just a completely new rendering. If anyone could shed some light, I'd be obliged. Regardless..I dig the new look!

DeviantArt contributor High Dark Templar has got some vicious landscape work and sci-fi designs over on his page but, what specifically caught my eye was his work with Alien, Predator, and Terminator themed works. 

This first piece imagines one of the Predator' film's hunters on the prowl for the Ewoks of Star Wars' Endor

Predator on Endor

High Dark Templar looks like he's meshing machine with mutt in this Terminator send-up

Cyberdine Systems HK-101

High Dark Templar's creepy 'chestburster' is on the loose!

Alien Chestburster

High Dark Templar has done a great job with this sci-fi work of art. By the looks of things, the battles of 'Alien vs. Predator' implies a lot of face mushing/


Found this great Mystery Gang art entitled 'Scooby-Doo Left 4 Dead' tumblin' around over at Just Jokes tumblr feed. 

Rong Yiren has got some cute Star Wars Jawas doin' what they do best over at his Flickr page.....tinkering with droids!

Like! Like?


  1. Thanks for checkin' in, Joe. I like it too.

    Emilio Lopez'suave coated Spiderman is by fat THE coolest Spiderman drawing I've ever seen. Click his link to see where the idea came from.

  2. The Silvas Project....that shit is HOT!

  3. or by far* THE coolest.

    either way.

  4. Thanks for checking my post out, Bri.

    I love his stuff too. It would look great on my living room wall.

    Maybe the underwater one in my bathroom.

  5. That Panthro is badass and those three THINGS? I would read the hell out of that comic book.

  6. Right, Kal?

    Panthro was always my favorite of all the Thunderians. And this might be my favorite rendering of Panthro!

    I couldn't find any back story to this photo, though. Have you seen it before? That's sometimes the problem with Tumblr. People fail to give some artists credit.

    For all I know it could be a legit drawing from an old comic or something. But, for now I'd like to think a fan just drew it recently for shits and giggles.

    Thanks for checkin' in, pal!

  7. Pantro huh... you guys just like him cause he was the Black Guy on the foreign planet... figures. For my money, it was Tygra. That dude was a wise ass, had mad skills with the bolo, and was definetly balling out Cheetarah due to the fact that Lion-O was a homo and Panthro was into the sistahs!!!! He wins by default... Oh, and Tygra had a Pauly D blowout son!!! Check it out...

  8. So true.

    The black guys always the coolest, though.

    Lando, Windu, Jazz...Panthro!

    Who ya gonna take in a fight? Panthro or Tygra. The Panthro figure was even built like a linebacker while the Tygra figure looked like it came out a chick mold!

    For the record, Panthro was the only Thundercat figure I owned also. He rules the SHIT out of Eternia!

  9. Um... Jeff, the Thundercats were from Thundera and then crashed on Third Earth... Eternia is where He Man is from. You geek card has just been suspended for one week.... do not ever cross Thundercats with Masters of the Universe ever again. K. Thanks. Bye....

  10. Son.. Where's your seeing goggles?!
    What I had said was...

    "For the record, Panthro was the ONLY Thundercat figure I owned also. He rules the SHIT out of Eternia!"

    I only had one Thundercat figure...Panthro. So I had to play with him with my He-man collection. When I did...he kicked ass on the planet of Eternia!
    Negro, don't test me on 80's toy were my only friends. Haha

  11. Ok... since you explained it, your suspension is down to 3 days. Your reinstated to Geekdom on Monday. Till then... explain yourself better negro!!!

    P.S. Toys still are your only friends... love ya kid!