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January 8, 2011

Its Koch Comic's Warehouse Sale Time Once Again!!!

Here we go again.... the boys over at Koch Comicbook Warehouse are opening theoir doors to the public and providing you with an excellent place to spend some of that Christmas cash!!! Both today and tomorrow (Jan. 8th & 9th) you can get 6 buck trade paperbacks & graphic novels, over 1,000,000 back issues (with tons for a buck!), and the best damned snack table you ever saw in your life!!! Since its winter time, the boys will be providing hot chocolates along with the savings... what more reason do you need. Here is all the information... now make it happen and tell 'em CCD sent ya!!!

Joseph Koch Inc.
206 41st Street (corner of 2nd Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Tel. 718-768-8571 Fax. 718-768-8918