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December 20, 2010

Hollywood Is Dead... Just Ask Matt Busch

I came across the work of Matt Busch awhile ago when I saw a Star Wars novel at Barnes & Noble called "Death Troopers". I have never been such a avid reader of the extended universe Star Wars books, but this one looked really intriguing because it crossed zombies up with Star Wars... what the fuck else could you want in a 400 pg book? Just look at this cover:

So when I finally came across his website, Hollywood is Dead, a few days ago I was blown away by all the cool imagery he has created. He takes older Hollywood posters and "zombifies" them into undead masterpieces. These are not just some random photoshopped quickie jobs... you can see the artistic work that goes into each and every one. He even changes the actors names, the credits, and the titles of the films to reflect the seriousness of his mission to showcase an undead Hollywood. I picked my faves to share with you guys after the jump, but you can order all kinds of cool prints and T-shirts from his store by clicking here. Perfect last minute Christmas gifts for the zombie lovers in your life. Hope you enjoy my choices... which ones do you like the best? Tell us in the comments section below!!!

***Please click Read more below to see my favorite "Hollywood Is Dead" Pics***


  1. Likity-Like!

    Hard to choose a favorite here...but, Zombie Solo vomiting blood into Zombie Leia's mouth is pretty high up there.

  2. That's a good one Jeff. I love the Toy Story/Gory one. I can't wait until the kids can appreciate that one!