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November 9, 2010

Wu-Tang Wednesday: Gza ft Method Man - Shadowboxing

I have always loved me some Gza... the dude is a beast! This is also prime time Johnny Blaze right here... two of the best of the whole clan at the time when they were on top of their game. Off the classic album Liquid Swords... hope you enjoy!
"... Hard hat protect the dome, look at momma baby boy actin' like he grown, no time to sleep I get deep as a baritone, Killer Bee that be holdin' down his Honeycomb... loungin' son!!! " ---- Method Man  


  1. Amazing song. Thanks.

    I know that I have this album, I wish I knew where it was.

  2. Er, I accidently put up Wu Tang Wednesday on Tuesday.... oops!!!