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November 17, 2010

Monsters Need Vacay To....

Check out artist Kyle Fewell's cool as pictures of some horror icons & legendary monsters taking time out of their fright inducing schedules to relax in the sun a bit. What better place to do so then in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? What would you do if you checked into the resort, threw on your trunks, headed down towards the white sandy beach, a saw this in fron tof your face:

Nessie and the crew have some fun!!!

Now that looks like a party... Whatup Nessie? You want to see more of these cool "monsters on vacation" creations from Kyle Fewell??? Click Read more below for the last 4 pics in the series.... Thanks to Super Punch for the tip.

Nice drink... must be a Blood Orange daiquiri....

I kissed a spare part monster, and I liked it!!!

Don't keep that claw down to long or it will rust...

Hahaha... looks like Yeti fell asleep first!!!

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