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November 16, 2010

Rosie Jones = Wowsers

Good lord, what are they feeding these chicks across the pond in jolly ole' England??? We have been blessed by tons of beautiful British women over the years, but lately its been something of a tidal wave. Enter Rosie Jones, a 19 year old model and actress who has no discernable talent other then the fact that she is gorgeous with some monsterous Ta-Ta's. She is regularly featured in English "lad" magazines like Nuts, Loaded, and Front. To the best of what I was able to uncover about her as an actress.... um, well to be honest I didn't uncover anything. She has not been in anything, nor does she have any projects on her horizons. I would liken her to Kim Kardashian, who is famous for just being famous. Thats not such a bad thing. At least not to us... so here is her commercial for the English tabloid The Sun, which is a send up of the wonderful Old Spice commercials. After the jump check out some safe & not safe for work (aka nudie shots) of this British beauty. If she ever gets into a movie, I'll be checking it out....

*****Check out some nudie & non- nudie pics of Rosie by clicking Read more below*****

Thanks to Electronic Cerebrectomy for this wonderful find!!!!