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November 10, 2010

Dexter's Labora..... Er,Um.... Killing Room

I love this mash up of Dexter's Laboratory & everyones favorite serial killer/forensic expert Dexter from the Showtime show. Two of my all time faves. Although I have seen the two mixed before (nice shirt Jeff!!!) but never in action figure format. Is that a Powder Puff Girl on the kill table? I always knew those bitches were up to no good... gotta love the slice on the cheek as well, no? Thanks to Unreality Mag for the tip and Rafa Gnomo for being so innovative!!! Enjoy!!!


  1. I love this.... Joe Fletch, care to weigh in?

  2. Sorry, I'm way behind on my CCD reading.

    Although I have never really watched Dexter's Laboratory, this is straight up awesome.