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November 10, 2010

It's Time To Do The "Wright" Thing For Scott Pilgrim...

... now get off your ass and buy yourself a copy of Edgar Wright's wonderful movie "Scott Pilgrim vs The World". This movie got an unfortunate treatment at the box office this summer despite the fact that it is genuiley amazing!!! Edgar Wright & the wonderful cast were so perfect it is impossible to understand what went wrong... but you can correct that by going out and buying a copy. Shit, you should buy two since you probably didn't see it on the big screen like you should have. Christmas is coming... stocking stuffer anyone?

In honor of Scott Pilgrim, I am going to publish this awesome piece of fan art by Deviant Artist Captain Osaka. This one got everybody in it from the O'malley comic series... now go get that movie!!!

Get 'em Scott!!!

1 comment:

  1. Seems one either loves or hates this film.

    To me, I think it was probably the film of the year.