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November 25, 2010

5 Things That I Am Thankful For: Jeff Bond Edition

Since today is Thanksgiving, I decided to have some of CCD's closest friends & contributors share the 5 things in their lives that they are truely thankful for... not family, or boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses etc.... the real stuff they need to keep them going. With no further ado, I present my partner in crime here at CCD... the man who brought you the greatest Lost Recaps ever & now shows you the amazing world of Lego... the man, the myth, Jeff "Great Odin's Beard!!!" Bond's 5 Things I Am Thankful For!!!

5) Music- There is a constant soundtrack playing in my head that I'd prefer to sync up with my clock radio at home, my car stereo, or at work but, I can do without those for a short period of time as long as there's something on rotation in my head at all moments of the day. Without music, I can't fall asleep at night, drive properly or focus throughout my workday...and I'd probably have gone insane decades ago.

4) Movies- . Sometime after my teens I had forgotten about most TV viewing and spent my time catching up on films from the past 30 years. I broke away from that TV hiatus when, one evening, I came across the first episode of a show called 'LOST' that seemed like it was rooted in EVERYTHING I love about films...and didn't share many qualities with other TV shows I had seen. Since it's been off the air, it hasn't been easily replaced and I find myself, again, delving into a new space adventure, or horror flick, an action thriller or date movie. While others spend their time marathon-ing their favorite TV shows. I'd much rather disappear in to a different 2-hour world once or twice a day. Keep all these TV shows that usually outstay their welcome and run out of ideas. Give me a movie any day, instead.

3) Star Wars- It seems insane but, I don't think that there's a day that goes by that doesn't have some connection to Star Wars in some way. Whether I'm discussing the films, thinking about my old toys, helping to create posts for Cultural Compulsive Disorder, or just having some random conversation with someone in which the force, epic Good vs. Evil feuds, or see a random stranger baring the likeness of REE-YEES...Star Wars plays a role. It is said that every episode of 'Seinfeld' contains Superman in some way shape or form...and 'Star Wars' is my 'Superman' in that way.

2) Food- I literally think about what pleasure my next meal will bring me the second I finish my previous meal. It's Not healthy to seek comfort in food I know but I do it and I can't picture a day without at least one meal that looks and tastes pretty epic. The perfect slice of pizza...a salad piled so enormously high that it cancels out it's nutritional value....a burger complimented just so with my favorite toppings. I'd be an angry man if I suddenly found myself in one of those futuristic societies that served only pills as meal replacements.

1) Yooki (my pup!)- She's usually one of the first things I see or hear when I awake in the morning and one of the last things I see or hear each day before I shut down. Before I owned a puppy, I thought it was strange when people told me their pets kept them centered and calm, now I know I'd probably put my fist through the wall at least once a week if I didn't have a hairy 7 pound child to greet me at the door when I come home each day. This may fall into the category of 'family and friends' but, screw that! On some levels she's even more important to me these days than even those.


  1. Nice list Jeff. Food almost made my list too. It is such a wonderful thing!

    I didn't know that you were a movie only type person. I too favor movies over TV, but there are a few I am thankful for (Lost, Dexter, How I Met You Mother, and the recent Walking Dead).

  2. The one thing I had to edit off my list was my love for the Food I definitely relate there. And Star Wars is a no-brainer, of course!