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November 29, 2010

I'm Going To This Guys House For Thanksgiving Next Year...

Take that John Madden and your underachieving Tur-duck-en... this is the ultimate hidden gem of holiday alchemy. What exactly are you looking at: A 20 lbs pig stuffed with an 8 lbs turkey, a 6 lbs duck, a 4 lbs chicken, a cornish hen, a quail, bacon croissant stuffing & 10 lbs of wrapped Bacon between layers... not to mention a glaze that consists 6 lbs of butter and a 2 liter of Dr Pepper!!! They also garnished it with a bunch of Bacon-nator cheeseburgers.... good lord. Total calories you ask... how 'bout a cool 80,000!!!! Check this puppy out:

Thanks to Geekologie for making us hungry all over again... can't wait till next year!!!


  1. Looks good but I'm not sure if I would survive too long after eating it! I guess it wouldn't matter after eating such a perfect dish!

  2. If there was ever a time to die, it would be after feasting on this. Bacon croissant stuffing??? WTF!!!!!