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November 29, 2010

Former Playboy PlayMates Strike "The Captain Morgan's Pose" For Charity

You gotta love it when some hotties get behind a good cause. Some former Playboy bunnies are striking The Captain Morgan's "Captain" pose to raise money for charity. I am all for a good cause, and if we get some sexy ladies as well... hey, I guess I can live with that! Here are all 20 of the pics... they are excellent. Click on Playboy's facebook page to learn more about this charitable cause... but first enjoy the pics!!!

***Please clck Read more below to see the other 17 Playmates***


  1. Take the Playboy Playmates, for example. Sure I like them. OK, I love them. But not for the same reasons as all the other jerks that slobber all over them. You don’t believe me? I’ll prove it.

  2. Hey there... we love em for all kinds of reasons. And if they can use those reasons for charity... well, more power to em!!! Thanks for stopping by. Now please become a follower on the page!!!!

  3. I have never seen such perfect bodies, such perfect boobs, such beautiful faces, such tight asses, such flat stomachs, such gorgeous hair, such sexy poses and such damn sexiness period!